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Thread: New February hours are up.

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    New February hours are up.

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    Thank you! I see a few minor changes including a second F! one night of my trip plus a second MSEP most nights of my trip but nothing that'll actually change anything about my plans. I've updated my charts anyway. Is it my imagination or did they put some of the AK closings back to 5pm again towards the end of the month even though they extended them to 7pm a couple months ago?

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    On our HS night they have added a 2nd F!. We are booked with a FDP for that night. Our FDP seating pass will still be for the first F, correct?

    Also on our MK night (park closes at 10) they have added a second MSEP. Our plan was MSEP @ 7, Wishes @ 8, then JC (w/FP) and CBJ then exit the park after the masses following wishes but before the park closes. What time does this have us leaving? Will we be able to get out of the park at this point? Or will we be runnning into those leaving after the 2nd MSEP?????


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    Ugh. I had an 8:05 Tusker House and now AK opens at to snag a late breakfast.

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