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Thread: Royal Plaza in DTD?

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    Royal Plaza in DTD?

    Has anyone stayed here before? I booked our room through the Mousesavers special. The pictures look nice and the reviews are good.

    It will be our first time staying off-site, so hopefully I picked a good one.

    I'm too excited to sleep!

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    We stayed there in February. The rooms were definitely much larger than you'd find on property and we had a huge jacuzzi tub. We didn't use the bus system at all, so I can't comment on that. Overall, a good value but nothing that blew me away.

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    I stayed there one night about 4 years ago. The bus systems was pretty miserable-- long waits beyond scheduled time, mold on the bus, just gross. The room itself was fairly nice, nice linens and beds, pretty spacious. We did have a problem with the bathroom sink leaking and they weren't really responsive about it. We were only there for a night though so we didn't care that much.

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    We stayed one night there on a late arrival a few years back. We had problem with a leaking ceiling in the vanity area of the bathroom. No one was responsive at all to come and fix it. Since we were only staying the one night it wasn't a big deal. The room was fine, nothing that seemed terrible (other than the leaking ceiling) but as pp said nothing that blew me away either. No experience with the bus system. Hopefully others with longer stays will chime in.

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