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Thread: 6:30 PM Fastpass to Slinky Dog (keep or ditch)

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    6:30 PM Fastpass to Slinky Dog (keep or ditch)

    We are headed to Hollywood Studios on 12/30 and was able to get a Slink Dog Fastpass for 5 at 6:30 (60+4 days out). Am I better off keeping the FP, knowing I want be able to secure 4th+ FP because it is so late in the day; or ditching it and getting an earlier FP for RnR, with the hopes of getting additional FPs. Will it be even possible to get additional Tier 1, day of FPs for 5 during Christmas week.

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    I would keep it, and just try to move it earlier whenever I have time to futz with it. You never know what's going to pop up. Last Friday morning, we got three FPs for Slinky Dog for the same afternoon! It's such a fun ride.
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    Iím in the exact same situation but for 1/15. I just got the FastPass for 5 people yesterday morning at 60+3 for 6:00. Iím just going to keep looking for earlier fast passes for the next 60 days.

    If I canít get an earlier one though I probably wonít keep it. Just too many tier one fast pass opportunities to use for FP 4 and so on.

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    I would keep it for now and watch park hours closely. They are likely to have 8 am openings that week (Thanksgiving week has daily 8 am open with daily 7 am EMH that was added recently). Or even earlier since it's after Rise opens. Within 1-2 days of extended park hours additional FP will become available and you can move Slinky into the morning.

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