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Thread: Questions about droids

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    Questions about droids

    We have reservations to make droids at Droid Depot for both of our kids during our upcoming trip. I know part of the fun is walking around GE with the droids to see how they react. But my first question is: what do you do with them the rest of the day outside of GE? For example, we have a FP for Slinky Dog a few hours after our Droid Depot appointment. So what do you do with the droids when riding something like Slinky? Iím not crazy about stuffing $200+ worth of droid under a seat and hoping they survive the ride. We might also do Tower of Terror later on.

    This is also our first trip without a stroller so hiding them in there is not an option either (I realize that may not be a great idea even if we had a stroller). Also, no stroller means I will already have a pretty full backpack myself so really donít want to have to carry around two extra boxes or backpacks. The kids have said they would carry the droids themselves but that will likely last about 20 minutes.

    Any suggestions?

    I know When you buy the droids you can have the droids sent to the front of the park to pick up on your way out of the park. Can you do that later on after youíve already bought them and walked around GE a bit? When you do that are they sent to guest services or somewhere else? We did that once before with some gift shop purchases but I donít remember exactly where we went to pick it up at the end of the night.

    My second question is how do you get these home on the plane? If we buy the backpacks for the droids could the kids bring them on the plane as a carry-on? Can you even put them in checked luggage because of the batteries?

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be a huge help! Thanks!

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    You can only send an item to the front of the park or your resort at the time of purchase. I've found out the hard way they are sticklers about that. And you have to tell them before they finish ringing it up or they void the sale and start over.

    We are planning to get the backpacks for all the reasons you listed. Originally they weren't always in stock, I'm hoping that has changed. We will take the droids as carry on. I'm pretty sure you can check them, but I don't want to risk damage.

    We've planned all our rides before the droid appointment. But I think they are small enough that in a backpack I'd be willing to take them on slinky. If you're not comfortable with that maybe consider a locker at the front of the park?

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    There are lockers. Or at least there were at the time of this article.
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    Thanks Anne and Mr. Fredricksen. I appreciate the input! I was able to find a later reservation for droid depot. So I think I will probably use that so we can have most of the rides out of the way before building our droids. But the lockers are definitely a good fall back option if we go with the earlier appointment. And Iím sure our kids will love getting to bring them on the plane on the way home.

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    We carried DD's droid around for a day and a half, it survived TSMM, Slinky Dog, and all the rest. It also survived being stuffed in our luggage on the way home. Its a tough little guy.

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    Thanks cboyer!

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    I've packed 2 in checked bags and DGD packed hers. No problems.

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    Personally I'd try for a later reservation or a time closer to when you plan to head back to the resort. Perhaps you could take a break in the day to bring them back. We did ours on a day with Extra Extra Magic Hours at 10am (so we had already been in the park for a while). After the reservation the kids played with them in an area set up right outside the depot. They have ones for people to try out too clearly a good marketing tool. Then they took them around to get pictures with them in various spots in Galaxys Edge and see how they would interact. After that we just had lunch and did Oga's. I understand not wanting to take them on a ride such as Slinky Dog. More tamer rides I'd be fine with though.

    On coming home with them. We just used the box they come in and took them on the plane. They fit in the overhead compartment with no issue.

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    Thanks everyone!

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    You can find me over at Baseline Taphouse the 2nd week of December. I will attend to your Droid's needs for $5/hr.

    Please make advanced reservations. To ensure proper care, 6 is my maximum capacity and slots fill quickly! :D

    Haha... I was wondering the same. What to do with our Droid?
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    Be careful Heather or you just might give Disney their next big money-making idea!! I can see it now...droidsitting in Batuu only $19.99/hour! :)

    Happy to report the droids survived their time in HS. The kids LOVED walking around GE and watching the droids respond. I have to admit that was pretty cool to see.

    They made it through with no problem during our rides on smugglers run, toy story mania and aliens.

    They were sold out of backpacks. So we just carried them around in big Disney shopping bags in the boxes. It was raining a bit so we wanted to have some way to cover them up.

    We even took our droids to meet BB-8 and chewie so we got some cool pics with our newly expanded ďfamilyĒ. We had our droids turned off during the meets to avoid any accidental drops but the cast member at BB-8 said they can interact with BB-8 sometimes if they are on.

    Now it will just be a matter of getting them home on the plane!

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    The droids made it home just fine. We kept them in the box and just put them in the overhead bins as carry on luggage. I did put an extra jacket in the box to help give it a little extra cushion but not sure that was even necessary.

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