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Thread: Epcot Touring Plan

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    Epcot Touring Plan

    Okay next day of our trip November 14th has an Extra Magic Hour at 8 am. I figure this will help us get all of the big three done in one day. Iíll be touring with my husband, my 10 year old, my 5 year old, and my 3 month old.

    Current rough draft:
    8 am
    Living With The Land
    FP+ SE (10:55-11:55)
    FP+ TT

    Except I need to fit Mickey and Minnie in there. Because character spot no longer exsists.... so I have to figure that out and Iím not sure where it fits. Help? And I need to figure out the ride in Mexico... somewhere.

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    There is a new character spot. But I don't know if it will still be there in November.

    I wouldn't worry about planning the ride in Mexico, just ride whenever you make it to Mexixo. Even in the thick of spring break crowds with the extended queue in use we only waited 10-15 minutes.

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    Hmmm I will have to keep an eye on that... that would certainly make my life easier. Fingers crossed theyíll all be together in November. Thanks for the link!

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    Are your FP+ set? I think you will be there before 10:55.
    Do you have the FP+ yet for TT?
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    I do... Test Track is at 12:50-1:50 and that was the earliest I could get so I took it. I could get an earlier Spaceship Earth but I donít see how that helps me really. If we do have extra time Iíd like to squeeze in a visit to the character spot if itís still there.

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    I think your plan looks very good. However where are you rope dropping from? If not International Gateway, you'll have a lot of power walking to do!
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