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Thread: FoP at park close on Disney After Hours day

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    FoP at park close on Disney After Hours day

    Looking to head over to AK to hit FoP at park close after spending most of the day at MK on 10/26. That night happens to be a Disney After Hours event at AK. Will the wait time for FoP at regular park close be longer than usual because of the special evening event?

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    If the DAH attendees are smart, no. The wise thing for them to do is to be anywhere but FoP until the day guests clear the ride, then ride without wait later in the evening.
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    My recollection (and I'm too lazy to find Josh's post to verify) was that there is a gap between park close and the start of after hours (similar to park close at 6 pm on party night with party officially starting at 7 pm). So there shouldn't be much overlap.

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