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Thread: How long to wait?

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    How long to wait?

    Josh's recent update at HS and Toy Story Land raised an interesting question. During his morning Slinky Dog was not operating and Josh left to do TSMM instead and returned to Slinky Dog later.

    How long do you wait if your planned first ride isn't operating at RD? Does it matter which park/ride (more likely to wait for FoP over Everest) for you?

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    I don't think I'd wait at all for any ride not operating.

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    Mmmm, maybe 15-20 minutes if we were already on the line when a high demand ride goes down. For rope drop maybe only 5-10 minutes, because that time is so limited to get things done.

    With FPs for a ride that was having trouble, usually between 10-20 minutes a CM would start letting guests know they can get a paper FP if they don't want to continue waiting.

    That's from our experience. What do other people think?
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    The first 2 times I tried to RD high-demand rides (on separate trips), they were down. The first time was FEA, only a few months after it had opened. I waited about 10 minutes, then bailed (I had already ridden it twice that trip with FPs). A year later, I tried to RD SDMT. Again, I waited about 10 minutes and just as I started to walk off the queue, it started moving so I raced back into it and was finished with the ride by 9:35.

    (regarding that FEA attempt, I actually posted about some crazy wait-times/crowds that day and Josh responded with the full day's wait times so I can tell you that the ride didn't start working till 10:30, so I definitely made the right choice, though I don't believe the ride tends to have those kinds of issues any more)

    I think, in general, my decisions would depend on if I had other options to do that ride on that trip (either FP or late-night) and what else I was trying to do that day/how far behind it could put me in my touring.

    My most recent RD attempt was for SDMT. The ride was working, but we were about 10 minutes later getting to MK than we should have been (still pre-opening show). Consequently, the queue took about 20 more minutes than I would have liked. It was a little frustrating at the time, but our next stop was Enchanted Tales with Belle and my "nephew" (best friend's kid) got picked to be the Beast and it was amazing and the highlight of the trip. So I guess that was the time-table we were meant to do!
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