Just got back late last night from a ladies only trip. We stayed 7 nights at Bay Lake Tower. My friend is a DVC member and we got a 2 bedroom place. For the most part it was just great. Here are some pros and cons of the trip:


*NO crowds! I think it was the combo of people cancelling due to the hurricane and the fact that it was Sept. We waited 20 minutes for Slinky DD, 30 for Smugglers Run and when we went to Avatar only 25 for Navi River (which wasn't worth the wait in my opinion). We had a FP for FOP but it was only a 45 minute wait at some times.

*Weather. Okay this was a pro/con but it didn't rain at all during the week. We were expecting a downfall in the afternoons. On the flip side it was HOT. Well into the 90s each day with 60% humidity. I found the neck cooling towels helped a lot.

* All the construction didn't really cause any issues. EPCOT is being torn up at the entrance, the area between the boat landing and the entrance to MK is being all redone and of course the new revamps to future world. But as usual they are doing work at night and there was no noise or any sign inconvenience.


*BLT needs some love. Our toaster was broken, and our dryer took 3 cycles to actually dry clothes. And by the end of the week there was a streak of mold growing down my toilet and black mold dots on the ceiling.

* Cast members weren't as friendly as they always have been. Maybe hiring is tough but lots of seemingly miserable ride operators and cashiers. I also noticed a lot of CMs clumped together just talking. Again, I see this all the time in the real world but never before at WDW.

* Magical Express ride from HE*L! It started to rain pretty hard on our way to the airport. Our driver waited until the last minute to stop and we started to hydroplane. He also took exits at the last second and swooped across lanes. The worst was when the bus started listing left and right. I said to the man next to me "wow the wind must be crazy outside the way we are going side to side". He said "no, look at the driver, he's only using one hand to drive". Sure enough his left hand was driving the bus and he couldn't keep it steady. I mean his hand was going (on a clock) from 11 to 7 and we were back and forth. I did reach out to ME to tell them. No word back.

All in all a great trip as usual!