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    I planned too well

    We just got back and something happened that I never thought was possible. Thanks to everyone here, I planned too well!
    When we checked in at the hotel, there was an issue (minor if you ask me). But, the hotel manager felt bad and as a result gave us each 3, any time, any ride FP+ for our first day (EPCOT).
    My plan was so detailed, and had us doing everything we wanted, that we could barely use those 3! We only used one of them to do an end of day ride on Frozen.

    I remember the old days with paper FP and we would also have extra ones of those. It always felt great to walk up to a family about to get an hour+ line for TT and just give them a FP so they could go right on. Those days are gone so we could not give these unused ones to other people.
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