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Thread: DHS EMH on 12-22 worth the effort?

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    DHS EMH on 12-22 worth the effort?

    Hi friends - Incredibly, the only extra magic hours offered at Hollywood Studios during my 8 day stay (12/15 - 12/23) are on 12-22 with an 8:00 a.m. EMH. My presumption is the parks will be getting extremely crazy by then with the Christmas week guests arriving. Do you think this will be worth rearranging my plans to accommodate? The reason I booked to stay on property was Galaxy's Edge but, thus far at least, there appears to be no significant advantage for having done so. Dang.
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    There's always the chance that the hours will change, especially after they see how the opening weeks/month of SWGE goes. I'd wait until closer to FP+ day (60 days out) until you make plans more final.

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