My friend and I are planning a lazy late-arrival Animal Kingdom day, but I'm having trouble figuring out when to schedule our FastPasses for. Can anyone help?

Here's what we're hoping to do:

WHEN: Sunday, October 27 (crowd level 6/7?)
ARRIVAL TIME: noon-ish

Between our "whenever" arrival and 7:15pm, we'd like to do (in no particular order):

Navi River Journey (with FP)
Kilimanjaro Safaris (with FP, and hopefully again in standby)
Up! A Great Bird Adventure (showtimes 12pm, 1:30pm, 3:30pm, 5pm)
It's Tough To Be A Bug
Rafiki's Planet Watch (closes at 5?)
Animation Experience (every 45 minutes except for 1pm; closes at 5?)
Gorilla Falls Trail (closes at 6?)
Maharaja Jungle Trek (closes at 6?)
Discovery Island Trails
Oasis Exhibits
Wilderness Explorers scavenger hunt (ends at 6?)

At 7:15, our day gets more scheduled:

- Rivers of Light (7:30pm, with FP)
- Yak & Yeti dinner reservation (8:15pm)
And the park closes at 9pm.

We're not interested in most of the "big guns" like Avatar, Expedition Everest, Dinosaur, Kali, etc. You'd think this would make it easier to schedule a day -- but because most of what's left are "anytime" attractions, I'm having trouble figuring out what to prioritize!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! I pick out FPs in three days and would love to have a sense of what times to shoot for. Thanks in advance!