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Thread: Planning for Sept 24th- when to call?

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    Planning for Sept 24th- when to call?

    What is the earliest time I can call to book FP+? I remember it was midnight a long time ago, then they switched it to 8am. What is it now? I live in Texas so it will be an hour ahead of Orlando's time. We are staying on property. Thanks!
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    I've never called (didn't know you could!), but I've done it online. It's 6 AM Eastern time, so 5 AM in Texas.

    However, since you're less than 60 days away if you're going in September, you can do it anytime you'd like. You have 60 days in advance of your trip to make FP+ choices.

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    Unless you're staying concierge level, I don't believe there's any way to make FP+ over the phone. Website or mobile app are the only two choices.

    (I believe September 24th is the 60-day mark for their Thanksgiving-week trip)
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