So as not to hijack another thread, I start this one.

I am pleased there are so many folks on here who went to Astroworld.

What do you remember most fondly about that park? What was your first / favorite ride there?

My first year to go there was 1969. I was 7 years old, and not a fan of rollercoasters at that age. I love the boot slide in the kids area, and the Black Dragon was my favorite ride. I was terrified of the double ferris wheel, and never went on that ride.

Later, I love the '60's Mod Shack and the that whole themed area. There was an old ride called the Wagon Wheel that I enjoyed.

My grandmother lived in Houston, and we visited for 2 weeks every year. My parents would buy passes and drop me and my brothers off there 3 or 4 days of our vacation each year. I loved roaming that park alone.

There was a carousel with fantastically jeweled horses, that I would just sit and watch while resting. I love looking and riding that thing.

The first coaster I learned to love was the Dexter Freebish Electric Roller Ride. That became Excalibur in later years.

When I took my kids when they were older, we enjoyed the Texas Cyclone and the Greezed Lightnin'. Never did find XLR-8 very much fun, but that free fall ride in the shape of an 'L' was a great experience!

The last time I went there, my son and I rode Taz's Texas Tornado. It had a great first drop, but the restraints just about squished my son because of the high G forces. Still, it was great fun.

The SWAT ride was the only ride I've ever been on , that I thought might legitimately kill people. It's centripetal force when moving gave me the biggest headache of my life, and honestly I thought it might cause people with undiagnosed aneurysms to pop them. That was a terrible ride.