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Thread: Toy Story Rides - which one?

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    Toy Story Rides - which one?

    We are rope dropping HS on Thurs. Aug. 15. The original plan was to do SDD since we couldn’t get it as a FP+. However, I was just able to get one for the afternoon. The plan now is to still rope drop in order to get Alien and TSMM but I’m not sure which to do first and which to do second for the lowest waits. Let’s just say they are equal priority.

    Any thoughts or experiences?

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    I'd advise AS2 first, just because the experience is much shorter, so you'll be on to the second queue sooner (and possibly in front of anyone getting off SDD or those balking at the length of the line for SDD).

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    Josh's Toy Story land RD post from April.
    He does Slinky first so it doesn't match your question exactly.
    That being said he points out Alien can get backed up sooner because they often only run one side at park open. He went to Alien after SDD and had a posted wait of 30 minutes at 9:20 am. Actual time from entrance to merge 18 minutes. Total time to experience 30 minutes.

    He also says at RD you can easily do TSM 2 times standby.

    So from that I would infer you are better off doing Aliens first and TSM 2nd.

    Personally I'd much rather do TSM twice so I'd try to talk the others in my party out of Alien

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    Another reason to do Aliens first is that if there is a wait at TSMM that line is (mostly) in AC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lyonmommy View Post
    Another reason to do Aliens first is that if there is a wait at TSMM that line is (mostly) in AC.
    100% !!!
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