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Thread: Candlelight Processional Package Show times advice needed

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    Candlelight Processional Package Show times advice needed

    Hi! We have never gone to a Candlelight Processionals Show and are planning a trip in December. I have made 2 processional package reservations, one for 6:45 pm show and one for 8:15 pm show. Does anyone have an opinion on which show is better to go to? Any advantages or disadvantages on one over the other? Thanks for your help!

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    With younger kids, we prefer the 6:45 show right after eating dinner. I think a lot of couples/adults only prefer the later show. Both the 6:45 and 8:15 show are after dark. The earlier show (5:30?) starts in daylight, which some consider a disadvantage for the candlelight effect.

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    No experience with the 6:45 show. We were happy with the 8:15 CPP which worked well for us. We got in line at 7:30. With 4:25 dinner at Biergarten, we didn't feel we had to watch the clock and rush to get in line at 6:00.

    After the show, we called it a day to beat the usual exit crowd. No wait at bus, back to resort about 10:00.

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