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Thread: Leaving Friday and Unprepared

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    Question Leaving Friday and Unprepared

    This is the most unprepared I have been for WDW trip in years and this is the biggest trip. DD senior trip and celebrating 3 birthdays. We are leaving Friday and I am very concerned. I used to be a member of Tour Guide Mike and feel like Josh and EasyWDW follows his philosophy. Can someone check my itinerary?
    Party- 6 Mom, Dad, 2 daughters, 2 daughter's friends (senior trip for oldest DD) and 4 BIL, SIL, niece, and nephew

    July 5 arrive around midnight- driving
    July 6 MK- DD insists know that crowds will be crazy- wants an easy day filled with photo opts. It is her birthday
    July 7 AK
    July 8 EP
    July 9 HS
    July 10 MK again expect heavy crowds but willing to make it
    July 11 MK/AK - have AK fast passes
    July 12 leave :(

    Please give feed back ASAP because I am working on plans to print and laminate before we leave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grealock View Post
    Please give feed back ASAP because I am working on plans to print and laminate before we leave.
    There is something critical that you ABSOLUTELY MUST KNOW.... will be fine, and you're going to have a great time!

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    It's not your first trip, obviously. You know what to expect. These days a good plan is more important than which park on which day (though I see nothing wrong with your days). I assume you have your FPs and ADRs. All that's left to do is go and have fun!

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    I’m sure what you have planned is fine. Have a great time

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    We are here now and I had NO PLAN at all. At first, I was frustrated, but now we are doing great. The biggest problem I ran into was the park was crowded if there was an After Hours Event. I didn't take that into account and it made it hard to do standby let alone fast pass.

    So maybe look those up to be sure.

    Also, I looked up Touring Plans prediction for the following 2 days and they said:
    July 6 MK- Touring Plans says it will be a 5

    July 7 AK Touring plans says it will be a 4

    We also had no fastpass for Flight of Passage. But we waited anyway. So worth it. 93 min at 9 pm.

    I hope this helps. I was very stressed, but once I had 1 meltdown and realized that this behavior was stupid, I felt better. We didn't even buy park tickets til the day we arrived. Stupid. But we had a couple of weird events going on at home and were not sure we would go and I didn't want to mess with paying for tickets and getting a refund.

    I hope you have a great time. The parks are changing so much. Its fun to see what is happening.

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    I feel ya, I have a trip planned for my DD 18th bd celebration and start of senior year. We did a trip just the 2 of us when she had just turned 12. This site was a God send and we had so much planned out, we have been a number of times since then and this is going to be more about the ADRs and our 3 fast passes. That is as much as I am going to plan. Looking forward to hearing about your trip!
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