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Thread: Walk from Beach Club to DHS

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    Walk from Beach Club to DHS

    Our next trip to Disney in 2020 will be our first without strollers. We've really enjoyed staying at the Epcot resorts since we can walk to Epcot and DHS and don't have the uncertainty of Disney transportation. I am a little concerned though that our 9 year old will have trouble with the walk to and from DHS (when combined with all the walking done at the park). I know that the boat is an option, but the point (at least for my family) of paying for/staying at Beach Club is to avoid the transportation, especially in the morning and after Fantasmic/near closing when lines are long (and who knows what will happen when Galaxy's Edge opens). Has anyone else had this concern or experience? Do we just need to deal with it and take the boat (or Uber or Lyft) if it comes to it?

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    It's about a mile walk one way (maybe longer depending upon where your room is). In July when it's 90 degrees and humid, even the walk from the International Gateway to the Boardwalk can seem like too much. In cooler weather it's much more pleasant. Every 9 year old is different, so you'll have to judge for yourself to some extent. Maybe take some practice one mile walks around the neighborhood to see how much UTTER AGONY they're in.
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    Does anyone know if the boats run early enough from BWI to DHS to get there by 815 or so for a regular 9am opening? I want to have a good spot for rope drop. In two weeks, no Star Wars.

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