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Thread: Help me pick my park days! :)

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    Help me pick my park days! :)

    Super excited to be going back to Disney World in January...and just realized that I should probably start thinking about park days and ADRs! So...would love a little help! We arrive on a Saturday (no park - just a resort day) and leave on a Sunday (again, no park). 7 park days to figure out. It's 2 adults and our 10 year old daughter. It's the end of January - no holiday Mondays this week. The last time we went we didn't do Park Hoppers, but 2 of the 3 of us are huge Star Wars fans so I'm thinking we might need part of a second day in the Studios to make sure we see everything (and split our time?). My thoughts so far are - MK (2), Epcot (2), DHS (1 1/2), AK (1 1/2) but I'm not positive. And which parks would you do each day? The only thing I feel strongly about is not being in Epcot on the weekend. Our last trip included Epcot on a Saturday and we encountered enough "drink around the world" groups (including some women who asked my then 7 year old if she was also drinking around the world) that we're going to steer clear of that this time. Thanks for the help!!

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    It's hard to know what to do with DHS before we see things operating with Galaxy's Edge for a while, but your basic allocation of time among parks seems fine to me. You know your group the best; my family would probably rather reallocate a half-day from Epcot to one of the others, probably DHS depending upon the fastpass situation and size of crowds. At any rate, the post you should read is this one:

    Here's the summary recommendation at the end for a week stay:

    • Sunday: Magic Kingdom
    • Monday: Epcot
    • Tuesday: Animal Kingdom
    • Wednesday: Magic Kingdom
    • Thursday: Epcot
    • Friday: Hollywood Studios
    • Saturday: Half day – either rope drop to lunch or a late arrival through Park close at your choice of Park, or a day off

    For my family, we'd probably do DAK on Thursday to ensure we get a FOP FP+ and perhaps hop to Epcot afterwards.

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