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Thread: Passholder FP question

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    Passholder FP question

    Staying at BWI 6/7-6/10
    Staying at POFQ/OKW 7/31-8/3

    FP's booked for each day of those dates.

    For the 6/7-6/10 trip, DD might be extending her stay two days offsite. MDE won't allow me to book her FP's for 6/11-6/12. Why not?
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    I think you should be able to book those days. Unfortunately, you probably should call.

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    I believe there is a limit on how many days an AP holder can make FP+ at one time. I *think* it is the greater of (a) seven days, and (b) number of on-site stays booed. All of this could be wrong, but if it is right, it explains it.

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    At best the system will allow you to hold 8 days total of FP with an AP with that many days onsite (8 total with check in/out).

    HOWEVER. I ran into a problem once when the onsite stay was split, similar to your situation. I had maybe 6 nights the first stay and 3 nights the 2nd. I was told the maximum number of days that could be held with an AP was equal to the number of days of the LONGEST onsite stay (not the total of all onsite days) or the standard 7 days that can be held by any FP, whichever is higher. Not everyone has had this problem and some people reported at that time being able to book cumulative number of nights of their split stays. AND this was all before the new MDE FP booking came on line (before rolling 60 etc were eliminated). I have no experience with the new system and total number of days it will let you book with a split stay. But if you are trying to book more than 8 days of FP it definitely won't let you do that with those reservations and I wouldn't even take the time to call. If it will let you do 7 but not 8, then I would call and clarify what the current policy is.

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    You can book any number of days for FP you have days on site.
    However, if you have any FP booked for any days not associated with an on site stay, it will revert to a 7 day limit on the AP FP

    If you have over 7 days booked with on site stays you will not be able to book any additional FP. This is the limit you've run in to
    Unless you have more ON SITE stays booked

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