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Thread: Planning November Trip 11/13-11/18

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    Planning November Trip 11/13-11/18

    I'm debating what days to do which parks. Arriving by car Tuesday 11/12 and staying off site. I have a throwaway campsite for 11/13. I will have a 10 year old, a 5 year old, and a baby.
    Option A:
    11/13 - Magic Kingdom, dining reservation for Crystal Palace at 10:40, fireworks
    11/14 - Epcot (EMH 8 am.)
    11/15 - Animal Kingdom
    11/16 - Break
    11/17 - Magic Kingdom
    11/18 - Hollywood Studios

    Thoughts or opinions?
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    that's a shame
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    I wouldn't stay for MK fireworks then do an AM EMH the next morning, especially with kids.
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    Your right. 🤦*♀️ My issue is I want to take advantage of Epcot’s EMH because I think it’ll be easier to get Frozen, TT and Soarin’ in one day. And the kids want to do fireworks at some point. I wouldn’t be mad at getting 6 day tickets to do fireworks on Saturday but that means I would Animal Kingdom on Sunday so we could be a little late if needed. (We don’t plan on doing Pandora.)
    11/13 - MK, Crystal Palace
    11/14 - Epcot
    11/15 - Hollywood Stuidos
    11/16 - Just fireworks
    11/17 - Amimal Kingdom
    11/18 - MK

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