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What I was told about this by a phone CM (so who knows if this is true) is that if you haven't confirmed the shipping address or started selecting magic bands at all, then the system lets you go until 11 days in advance to customize before you are cut off and get grey magic bands at the front desk. If you've gone in to the order and made any solid color selections then it treats the order like the old system and assumes you've made your selections and starts finalizing and shipping out orders 3-4 weeks in advance.
I'd say it is likely true as it is consistent with what happened to me. Again, at this point I don't care. I also have maybe 10% confidence it will ever work sufficiently that I will manage to place orders in time for next year's trip around the same time. There is no sign of any improvement. And I think you're right that Disney looks at the program as a net positive even though it has been a complete fiasco from the customer POV. It's small potatoes as things go, but I really know of almost nobody, even people who managed to get what they wanted, who reports that it was a straightforward, fully positive transaction.