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Thread: Mk 5/9

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    Mk 5/9

    In what order would you do these, with a JC FP for 9:50-10:50?


    JC FP

    That order is my current thought. We're usually at/near the front of the RD pack, so I think BTMRR then Splash should get us to 9:40. Would we have enough time for both HM and PotC before JC?
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    I followed this plan in June of last year. It worked out fine. The JC FP line was nuts! But we still made it to our BOG ADR at 11:10. Our JC FP was 10:20 - 11:20. From our experience, you should be fine as long as the stars align and all the rides are up and running.

    Edit: I just noticed that we also had a FP for PoC (9:20-10:20). Depending on crowds, it could work. The grace period is a little insurance. These extra long lines on things like the people mover just blow me away, now.
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