In October of 2020, we are going on a trip that will necessitate the need to use banked and borrowed points. As of right now, there are 8 confirmed guests with a strong potential for a 9th. Our first preference is a 2 BR and a Studio at OKW (the Studio is only needed for 5 nights). However, since we can't book at OKW until 7 months, I need to book at SSR at 11 months.

Soooo, my thinking is that we book a Treehouse at SSR at the 11-month mark and then call exactly at 7 months to switch to OKW. The OKW stay would use slightly fewer points, so I understand that I need to make it clear to member services that they need to use the banked and borrowed points first so that any remaining points are in the current use year.

I would just book a 2BR at SSR but if I do that, the Ancient Ones would punish my cavalier behavior and make sure that there is no availability at OKW AND the 9th guest decides to come.