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Thread: The Wave or Cali Grill?

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    The Wave or Cali Grill?

    Question. I would like to eat at California Grill and stand outside to watch the fireworks (for a different perspective). Is it okay to just order the pizza or an app and a dessert instead of a full course meal? Or do they 'look down' on that?

    Or can I eat at the Wave and get access to the balcony to see the fireworks with receipt of having eaten there? Or does this just work for Cali Grill?

    OR, finally, can you still stand on the 4th (?) floor balcony that's open to public or is it often full?


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    I wouldn't take up a table at CA Grill if you're just going to order appetizers, especially if you're only there "to watch the fireworks." Not fair to the waitstaff, even if they don't tell you you "can't" do it. They won't "look down" on that, at least officially, but it's not the right thing to do. Go and have a nice meal at a table, or eat at the bar if you must (and you don't have kids with you).

    There are no special privileges for diners at The Wave.

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    I've had a lighter dinner at the bar a couple of times, though I didn't bother to stick around for the fireworks. A salad plus a flatbread, or one of the sushi plates. Good stuff.

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