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    DVC Gold Pass

    Hi All,

    just purchased DVC annual passes for the first time. The confirmation states to pick them up at any Theme Park ticketing window. I thought I read on other posts that these are obtained at Guest Services??
    Regardless, can I pick them up and activate at the same location? The day we arrive is not a park day and I was hoping to get this done ahead of our early start the following day.

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    We took care of ours at Guest Services just outside the park. And, yes you are picking up and activating at the same time.

    One thing to keep in mind is that by activating on arrival day you are shortening the length of your pass by a day. This only matters if you plan to be down there exactly a year later.... but since we do this, that extra day can matter in the future. Of course it means not trying to mess around with it early the next day and risking a delay of your RD. (It does take a little time to get them squared away, and sometimes can have a line)

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    Thanks Micah! The fact that the email said to pick up from a ticketing window threw me

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