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Thread: Disneyland experts - avoid extra morning magic?

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    Disneyland experts - avoid extra morning magic?

    Hey friends - My kids and I are going to DL over Easter weekend and staying offsite. We will be eligible for extra morning magic at DL on Saturday. If we attended DL on Saturday, we would go to DCA on Friday which will have morning EMH that we will not be eligible for. I believe the EasyWDW way would be to avoid both EMH and EMM (even though we are eligible for EMM). I've started second guessing myself because Disneyland has a lot fewer resort guests that would be eligible for the DCA EMH than a typical WDW EMH, right? Thoughts? Obviously, it's going to be a crowded weekend so I would like to solidify my ADRs for at least one TS meal a day. Thank you!! Tami
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    EMH at DL is the best you can get SO much done in the first few hours. If you can't do EMH you are better off avoiding that park, similar to WDW. My best advice either way is get max pass. And then start looking for fastpasses as soon as you scan into the main gate. Even if the park is not open yet you can secure a fast pass. This way you can be ready to get your second and so on earlier. It makes the day roll much more smoothly. If I had to choose DL with MH vs DCA without I would probably go with MH for DL. DCA is easier to navigate when slightly busier than DL is. For the spring break time of year Easter isn't actually so bad. Sunday morning will be lighter than you'd expect. You have to consider more guests are locals. That means we often dont get up early and rope drop, and so mornings are often the best times of day. I'd recommend an afternoon break if you plan on doing night time entertainment. World of Color is back up and super cool and the new(er) fantasmic is really good as well.

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