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Thread: Super Bowl crowds

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    Super Bowl crowds

    Hi! We're looking at my daughter's school calendar...and dreaming of a Disney trip at the end of January next year. I'm curious...what are crowds like on Super Bowl Sunday? My husband thinks that the afternoon/during the game the parks would empty out a bit because people want to watch...but I'm not so sure. And if we do end up there Super Bowl Sunday and want to watch the game, do the resorts show the game on big screens? Or are we looking at watching in our room? Thanks - her having 2 days off the last week of January has kicked my Disney dreaming into high gear! :)

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    A resort bar with a TV will likely be showing the game, but I do not believe that the resorts set up any special big screen to show the game. They’d rather you somewhere else spending money. We’ve been to parks on Super Bowl Sunday in the past and did not notice any change in crowds from the day before or after. MK might see a slight uptick the next day in the afternoon because of the annual appearance of the MVP in the parade, but even that won’t have much of an affect other than viewing the parade.
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    I was there for the game this year. I was at AK the afternoon/evening of the game, and it did not seem to be any different than any other day that week.

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    Thank you both! That's really helpful - if the night of the game would have lighter crowds then it would be worth missing the game. Looks like it doesn't make a maybe we'll end our trip so that we'll use that Sunday to fly home. THANKS!

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    We were there for the game last year and also didn't notice a big difference in the crowd level. As for where to watch the game... a CM that we are friendly with and who is also a football fan told me that the best place to watch is upstairs at Splitsville.

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