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Thread: Renting DVC points questions

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    Question Renting DVC points questions

    Hello all,

    question 1: I am traveling to disney world in July and rented points from David's and are staying at BWV. I have no interest in the dining plan but I noticed that some of the restaurants I made reservations for state a 10% discount for DVC members. I wanted to know if this benefit will be available to us as point renters or not?

    question 2: Can I decline mousekeeping at check-in and just request towels when I need them?

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    No, you will not be eligible for the DVC discounts at restaurants unless you have a DVC Member ID card.

    As a reminder you will get mousekeeping less often when staying in a DVC villa (basic service on day 4, and a full cleaning on day 7). But, if you don't want that I would think the front desk could help you decline. But, they will still come into the room daily for a check (and take out trash), no exceptions to that daily check which was started in the last year or two.

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