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Thread: Early Morning Magic dates

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    Early Morning Magic dates

    Planning a trip for the summer and would like to do EMM in Fantasyland, but currently dates are only listed to the end of March. Do they only announce dates a few months in advance or is there a chance they are ending the program (which seems like walking away from revenue which is a very un-Disney thing to do)?

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    unsure of the release date for the dumbo anniversary dvd but waiting outside best buy just the same jillyb's Avatar
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    I'm waiting for the EMM dates to be posted for May. I think they'll be adding more dates as it gets closer. I'm just going on what they're showing as the current EMM days and assume that they will be the same in May.
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    I’m wondering the same thing. Last week EMM April dates became available for HS, so we were able to secure that reservation. But a week later the April dates still aren’t available for MK. I keep checking and hoping they’ll appear soon.

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