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Thread: August 2019 MM Share

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    August 2019 MM Share

    Hi all!

    We´re going to Disney World from 8/2 - 8/11 - August 2019 and looking to see if anyone is interested in doing a Memory Maker Share. I organized one in the past (August 2015) and it worked out well. There were 5 of us and we formed a private Facebook group which worked great for communication and accountability.

    My share dates would run from 8/2 - 9/1.

    Let me know if there is any interest, thanks!

    p.s. If you´re unfamiliar with a MM Share, you basically share the MM Share account and split the cost. For 5 people it would bring it down to ~$34 per person.

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    Love the advance planning! (though may need to bump this thread up in a few months). I've had great experiences with shares in the past. My family is going in mid-August (8/17-8/24) and would be interested.

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    Hi, we likely will be there 8/4-8/11 and would be happy to get into a share group.

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    Thanks for bumping this up (though it is still probably a month or two before a lot of folks start thinking about MM shares). I am still definitely in.

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