I need to go to the experts on this one: One of my close friends (who also happens to be my DH's boss - small town - what can I say) is about as anti-corporation (Disney in particular) as you can get. And he hates crowds. And gets motion sick. And he's vegan and hates fast food. But he has a wife & 2 girls (9 & 12) who have been begging to go on a Disney trip for several years. I've suggested they go without him. But they want Dad along for the magic. And he wants to make his girls happy. I've been asked to help them plan, to try to make it the best experience under the circumstances. I'm worried this will not go well.

My advice was to stay onsite so Dad can bail early if need be, while Mom & girls can continue. Or all take a mid-day break and go back without him for fireworks etc. I've advised him to avoid fireworks & parades because of the crowd components. And am also avoiding Value resorts because of crowds/chaos. I've also given her Josh's book. They're starting from zero on this (ask which park potterworld is in.)

The tricky part is that they've decided they would like to go in March and the prices seem high onsite to me and not a lot of availability. I'm looking at moderates because of the high costs in march but I'm not sure of the refurb impacts. But Coronado & CB seem to have the best prices.

Long lead up to ask - is there a resort you would recommend?
Any other advice would be welcome too.