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Thread: HS Touring Plan with EMM

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    HS Touring Plan with EMM

    We decided to do EMM. I weighed it all heavily and this trip could be my son's last chance to ride roller coasters--he may have surgery that will mean he can't ride them anymore. SO, we shall ride Slinky as much as possible!!!

    I'm working on our touring plan. We booked the earlier time slot just in case they decided to start enforcing times, but I figure they won't.

    Our plan is:

    Go to ABC and eat pastry and other light items, get a drink, etc. Nothing that has to be ordered.

    Get in line by 7:20 to get into Toy Story Land

    Ride as many TS rides as possible. IF we want to ride TSMM twice, what time do we need to ride it the first time?

    After rope drop crowds take over Toy Story: Head over to sign up for Jedi Training and ride Star Tours (unless the rumors are true and there is no Jedi Training by then?)

    Make it back to finish up breakfast by 9:45 or so.

    We are not big fans of RnRC and ToT, so after that our plan is to have a very leisurely day seeing the shows and meeting the characters, and hopefully doing Jedi Training Academy.

    Thoughts? Tips? It's the Monday of Thanksgiving week so we are mostly excited to take the pressure off and get the big stuff "out of the way" early in the day. It's going to be so much less stressful and more enjoyable. Are any of the shows hard to get a seat at during a busy week?
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    This sounds exactly like my plan (except I am going to add in meeting characters after our first ride on slinky).

    FYI. Disney announced that the rumors about Jedi training closing at WDW are false. I think the reason those rumors got started is because it is closing at DisneyLAND. But there was an article that posted that update a few weeks ago (that it will remain open at WDW).

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