I stayed at both this year: Pop in July with 4 to a room, and POFQ by myself in September. I truly wish it had been the other way around. :)

I LOVE Pop, but there was precious little room for me and three teenagers to move around each other now that there are queen beds in there. I suppose we could have put the murphy bed up out of our way, but there never seemed to be time. And the food court really was rather zoo-like, even in the middle of the day. POFQ is a hidden gem...I loved absolutely everything about it, but then again, it was my first solo trip and it was four days of peace and quiet that I have never needed quite so badly as I did last month. The food court has an extensive selection and is much smaller because the resort is so small. Even a "crowd" there seems fairly tame. Buses were totally fine at both resorts...very close to three parks and fairly regular and on time.

$700 is a LOT of money, so you are basically looking at whether that amount is worth it to you for more tranquility, fewer people, and a good deal more space (and sinks!) in the room.