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Thread: MCO to OKW - not Magical Express

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    MCO to OKW - not Magical Express

    What would be the most economical and convenient transportation from MCO to OKW? My guest is not eligible for Magical Express, as she is staying off-site, but is planning to visit with us at OKW first. She will not have a rental car. TIA

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    Lyft would probably run between $20-$30. A Mears shuttle would probably be around $20/person. I think Mears makes multiple stops whereas Lyft would be a more direct route. Others might have better suggestions/ideas. ;)

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    I agree, either Uber or Lyft.

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    You can get quotes on the Uber and Lyft apps. They’re only good for that particular time (prices could fluctuate up or down a bit), but you’ll get an idea. Agreed that this is the easiest and quickest option.

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