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Thread: Early Morning Flights how busy is MCO

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    Early Morning Flights how busy is MCO

    How long are the security lines at MCO for a Saturday 6:05 am flight? If we leave Windsor Hills at 3:45 am is that early enough?

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    We just flew out of MCO Monday on a 6:45 am flight. We arrived about 4:45 and had plenty of time, we got through security, tram over to the gate and sat down for breakfast. That might be the only time of day MCO is not a mad house.

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    I once had a 7:30am flight booked but got through security, etc so quickly that I was able to switch to the 6:30am flight instead. I would not have chosen to have gotten there as early as I did but I was using DME. The trip to the airport was traffic-free and the security line was super easy. I took the tram to the terminal and was just about to eat my school bread from Norway when they announced boarding for the 6:30am flight (I had not initially booked this one because it seemed too early). I didn't have any checked luggage, so I went up to the gate counter and they were able to switch me. It was a good thing because I went to work when I landed, so I was an hour earlier than originally planned.
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