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Thread: Thoughts on Magical Vacation Homes?

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    Thoughts on Magical Vacation Homes?

    For our trip next year, we are considering a townhouse at Windsor Hills. I am looking at one unit managed by Magical Vacation Homes, and was wondering if anyone had any experience with them, good or bad. I have never rented a vacation home before, and I feel slightly more comfortable going through a recognized company than renting directly from an "owner", even though it may cost a bit more. Maybe I'm being silly, but it feels more "legitimate" somehow.

    Does anyone have any advice? Any other companies I should be considering? Any individual owners you have had great experience with?

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    We've rented units in Windsor Hills from magical vacation homes, other companies, and private owners. Probably 8 or 9 times total. We've always had positive experiences. If renting from a company makes you more comfortable, go for it. The last time we rented was from Magical Vacation Homes, and they just sent me a discount code for another stay, if that interests you. It was a little more expensive than renting from an owner.

    We've rented from these folks in the link below twice. I think the owners' grandchildren have taken over managing the property now.

    These were the first people we rented from. We really like staying at WH, we always have a vehicle, staying in the Disney "bubble" isn't a priority for us, but we like being close. WH is a great fit for our family. A lot of people with older kids like more of a resort feel like you'd get at Wyndham Bonnet Creek. Now that our children are older, I see the appeal of a more resort-y place, especially after staying at the Universal Orlando Hard Rock Hotel. The kids were pretty blown away. Universal has better incentives for us to stay onsite.
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    We corresponded with them but ended up renting from an owner through the one time we stayed at Windsor Hills
    It was a little less expensive and worked out great. I looked for recent reviews, and looked particularly for negative ones.When the negative ones are non-issues for me, I figure it's fine. I found you could get a sense of what they would be like after sending them a few questions. I was also worried I wouldn't get my damage deposit back dealing with an owner but that worked out fine too.

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