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    Quote Originally Posted by George View Post
    I hope I'm not pregnant!
    I'll get you a very cute bib for the little addition next week when I am at DISNEY!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marianna View Post
    This kind of made me laugh. Reminded me a bit of Charlie Brown: "I got a rock." I'm sure if it were me I wouldn't think it was funny. Can I ask which thread?
    this one...

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    I'm guessing it was "Disney still hasn't opened the January dates, thus the creation of the original post. Can't imagine...." I can see how that might have been read. It would be nice if you could know who you upset so you could clear it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandie View Post
    Here's a refresher on giving reputation points.

    Looks like some of us would appreciate knowing who the rep comes from. I'll start leaving my name in the comment section when I "approve".
    Ah! Found the instructions. :)

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