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    Research Opportunity


    My hubby is a graduate student studying Systems Engineering with a focus on Machine Learning and Evolutionary Computing. He is looking for a final project for his last semester in school. He is interested in Disney optimization. He would like to talk to somebody here about your data. He would be willing to share the results, gratis. He is crazy smart and really likes easywdw, why not combine two loves?

    Who should we talk to about a collaboration?


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    Nerd still looking for connections and info....

    So, perhaps I was not as clear as I could have been. I would love for contact information to the "powers that be" here at easy wdw. I think my hubby could write you some amazing code, for free. If that is not an inducement, he would love some insight into Disney number crunching. This site is more accurate than all the other info out there, and he appreciates the technical effort that must be at work.

    Therefore, if anyone reading this feedback page could direct us to a way to speak directly with the great and mighty Josh, or someone else who loves the tech side of things, that would be amazing.

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