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Thread: Holy Crap! Gator drags child into water near Disney's Grand Floridian

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    Quote Originally Posted by broncobill View Post
    When I first hear of this, the first two things that entered my mind were(outside of feeling terrible for the family), that alligator was really hungry, or people in the park must be feeding the alligators.
    I've seen videos where people at Poly were feeding them. This makes the alligators associate people with food. So instead of avoiding people, they seek them out.
    There is a reason why alligators have been around for millions of years basically unchanged.
    What's more, that association is imprinted on the alligator and it will forever associate people with food source.

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    I saw that the beaches have been reopened and that they think they found the gator that attacked the boy and it has been euthanized.

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