Maybe it's just me but I miss the old days Disney world. The times like at Casey's corner you could get a good hot dog and watch the funny cartoons on their TV. I also miss the sky ride that you could look down and see Disney from a different perspective. You could go to main street for a break and they had the penny arcade. I miss if you had wings and other rides like it. World of motion comes to mind. So does horizons. Rides that were fun because they were fun not just because they are thrill rides. Before some people jump on me because I feel this way I understand they needed to put in thrill rides it just seems that Disney is moving more and more away from things that made it special. For example Osborne lights. I know Disney thinks they know what they are doing but I am not sure that in their haste to make things so called better that they are losing what made them special. Sorry for the ranting and I fell in love with Disney the first time I was old enough to realize what was there and 42 years later I still love Disney. Just have been feeling this way for a long time and I hope some people can at least empathize with me