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Thread: Josh and/or Dave - Is it time yet?

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    Josh and/or Dave - Is it time yet?

    Hi. We're the family that talked your ears off in Epcot last month. Next time we should do that with drinks involved.

    Anyway - here's my flooded book

    Did I mention that my insurance reimbursed me $7.26 for the book? Dave offered me a book, but I told him no, that I'd just buy another copy. I remember you guys mentioning that I should hold off until the next update/edition/something. I guess we were starstruck and now I've completely forgotten. I know 2016 is out - September edition, I believe. Should I buy now or wait?

    Thanks in advance for telling me the same thing twice.

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    Wow...sorry about the floods!!

    We need to do an update, but I dunno when we will. I'd hope we'd be done by the end of this month, but haven't talked to Josh lately about specific dates (although I did dream about him last light lol).

    So I'd buy one now and then more later.
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    Maybe we should start laminating the books page by page by hand.

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