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Thread: Please help me start touring plans

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    Please help me start touring plans

    We are off to Disney for a week this summer; and in a few weeks time we can book our fast passes (3 a day).

    Thing is I have no idea where to start planning - or how to start planning each day. Are there any tools which can help me that you've used successfully?

    Have looked at the rides with the family but simply don't know where to begin planning the seven days. We have ADRs booked so I know which park we'll be in. We also have hopper passes.

    We plan to be there early and maybe go back to hotel for rest in afternoon.

    It's sooo confusing! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    look here at the cheat sheets and look at the calendar .

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    That is excellent! Thank you.

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    I use the cheat sheets and if there is something we don't want to do we cross it off. That becomes my plan for the day. Understand what those "anytime" attractions are (ones that hardly ever have long lines) and that becomes your evening plan~or you could use your FP+ reservations for the evening. Josh's plans are great and make sense so start there.
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    1. decide which days you are going and compare them to Josh's recommendations for which parks to visit on each of your days.
    2. decide which park(s) or activity you want to do each day.
    3. try to plan dining (try to pick the "best" based on reviews and comments) and activities that minimize any travel time. so stay close as possible to your main location (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Downtown...)
    4. start reading up about FastPass+ and theories about how to best use it for the things you want to accomplish at each park. pick at least 3 rides/attractions/shows and have the others prioritized.

    *post the above once you have a rough plan to get some great advice from these boards.

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    Agree w/ Snickers - pick which days you are going to be in which park first based on the crowd calendars, and then do your dining around that. Mid-day breaks can be really smart in the heat. But don't underestimate the amount of time it can take in travel to take the break. I've never done park hoppers, but I would imagine it would be better to use your FP+ reservations in your evening park if you plan to start the day at rope drop when crowds are lower anyway (exception might be if you wanted to do Epcot World Showcase in the evening, then I'd probably use FP+ in the morning)

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