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Thread: 2BR Villa at BCV

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    2BR Villa at BCV

    Can someone talk to me about the 2br villas at BCV? Travel dates are 1/23/15-1/31/15. We'll have 3 adults and 4 children. Ages of the children will be 9,8,6 and 5. Will we feel cramped? Our original plan was to get 2 studios, but the friend we're renting points from said she'd do the 2br villa for $8 per point. Quite a deal. I just want to make sure we're going to have enough space and not want to pull our hair out before weeks end. She's willing to charge us $8 per point for any of the 2br DVCs. She owns at SSR so at the very least we'll end up there. Our first choice is BCV, second choice is AKV and SSR last. We came up with those preferences based on getting 2 studios. Is there anything different about 2brs that would make us want to change our choices? Any feedback would be appreciated!

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    I've stayed in a 2 BR there and loved it, but it was my family of 4. I'm not sure I would do it with another family, I'd rather have separate rooms. BUT the big advantage is that you would have a full kitchen and a washer/dryer which you wouldn't get in a studio. Hmm, maybe those points would even make me change my mind! I think it depends on how much privacy you are looking for.
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    I would definitely do a 2 bedroom. I do not care for any studio it is basically a hotel room. Another option is for you to rent at OKW the rooms are significantly bigger giving more space.

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    I think it comes down to how neat and organized you are.

    Two kids would have to share the sofa bed in the living area. Will you stow away the bed every morning so when you get back from the parks you have a living room and not a bedroom?

    Also, figure out who would sleep in the bedrooms, who would end up sharing a room, sharing a bed, etc. and decide if that would work.

    We have three kids, two boys and a girl. They are at the ages where they won't share a bed. The two b/r villas are fine. Two boys in one bedroom, DD in the living room, DW and I in the MBR.
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    I'll be in a 2 BR (with 2 queen beds in the second bedroom - you have to specifically book this room type) at BCV next Thursday. I'll be happy to answer any questions :)

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