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Thread: Late (8pm) close at AK can we still get AK done arriving late and starting @ HS

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    Late (8pm) close at AK can we still get AK done arriving late and starting @ HS

    We are big AK fans and don't want to lose out on AK time, but are considering a new plan.

    We usually have 4 park days and basically use one per park. On AK days we are usually in the park from RD to close but have never been on a day the park was open past 6. We are commando FP super users who normally ride headliners 3-5 times each. Planning with the new FP+ has not been easy.

    My thought for this trip (April) is that since AK is open until 8 that maybe crowds will still head out after the parade leaving lower crowds for the parade end - 8pm close time period. What I am hoping to do is use the morning at HS. DD10 and DS12 both are used to multiple rides on TSMM, ToT and RnRC as well as doing Jedi Training. I'm thinking to max this out, we are going to have to hit HS 2 of our 4 mornings.

    Day 1 HS all day
    Jedi Training - try to schedule it for after lunch.
    Ride RnRC and ToT (DD won't ride RnRC single rider)
    Ride TSMM with FP+
    Jedi Training and Star Tours
    Do other HS stuff and finish the day with Fanstasmic at either 8:30 or 10:00?

    Day 2 HS / AK
    Ride TSMM at RD
    Ride RnRC and ToT
    Hop to AK for the rest of the day using FP+ for Safari, Mickey, and Kali.
    We can ride EE single rider so hopefully that won't be too bad.

    Does this make sense? Will we still have time to ride Dinosaur area rides, see Nemo, and watch the parade?

    Could we squeeze in more than one ride on the coasters, safari or are we putting too much in??

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    Animal Kingdom is a good late arrival. The Park will clear out in the last two hours, leaving the major attractions with short waits even with a busy afternoon. Hit DinoLand with two hours to go and Asia in the final hour and you'll find short waits. Hit the anytime attractions and use FP+ when you arrive.

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