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Thread: Who will be in MK 02/28?

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    josh's mathematician and no expiration upgrade expert Meeska Mooska's Avatar
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    Hi everyone :)

    Well, I'm back home, and I still think this was one of the biggest highlights of my trip :) I only did 2 Disney days with a cruise sandwiched in between, but the 2 Disney days were well worth it!

    I'll write a mini trip report soon :)

    Thanks Lisa for the photo!!

    And thank you everyone for jumping in and making this work

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    Yay!!! I can't wait to hear about your cruise! Mike downloaded Kyran's ipad game the first day we were back home...after getting three stitches I couldn't say no and I will always love the memory of the two of them hitting it off waiting for the parade to begin!

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