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Thread: Touring Plans Redux - "BluePrints"

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    Quote Originally Posted by josh View Post
    This is the current format for the easyWDW version of the touring plans, now dubbed "BluePrints." I can't decide if this is extremely corny or not. It strikes me as corny, but also as "next level" at the same time.

    Here is an example file:
    This format is great! Are these available for all the parks yet? I can't seem to find them (even this one) on the regular touring plan page.

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    Sounds good. Wasn't trying to rush you. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing it and not looking in the right place.

    Thanks for doing these!

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    I LOVE the easyplans! I am printing them as we speak. We leave in 3 days so I am excited to try them out! Thanks for you hard work on these. I look forward to reporting back on how the "plans" went although I can already tell it will work out well.
    I am printing and laminating a copy for each child and me. They love following a "map" and knowing where we are going next will be great. In the past I have always had my touring plans but never a map with numbers on it for the rest of the family. They are going to love it too! I will be able to let you know how the touring with a 3, 6, 9 year old and prego mama goes!

    Thanks again,

    It's true.... I am most happy when I am planning a Disney family vacation!!

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