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Thread: FP+ Magic Bands, Online Check-in and Room only reservations

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    FP+ Magic Bands, Online Check-in and Room only reservations

    For those of you who are selecting your FP+ and customizing your Magic Bands, are you needing to also do online check-in?

    Also, is it true that they charge your credit card before you check in, if you do online check-in? I thought I read somewhere that they do to speed up the check-in process... but I'll be paying with gift cards. Do I just need to make sure to call them in before we check-in to avoid any problems? And would it be okay to do that a few days before?

    I wasn't going to do online check-in, but if FP+ is out by February I'm wondering if we'll need to if we want to take full advantage of making reservations at 60 days prior.

    what does everyone else think?

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    We've done online check in for the last three trips and they've never charged our card until we checked out at the end of the trip. We rented DVC points if that makes a difference.

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    I've never heard of them charging your card after doing online check in. In 2010 this was not the case.

    When you do online check in you don't even have to give your CC number. Just leave the space for it blank and hit the next button at the bottom.

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    Thanks. The last time I had a 1-night room-only reservation (paid in full, obviously) and then a package and checking in ahead of time was no issue.

    I cannot even remember where I read it, but some people said that they were charged the morning they checked in, before they even arrived. Maybe a computer glitch?!

    I probably won't even add charging to our room (and will probably just use gift cards in the park, same as we did last time) so that is good if we can leave our cc number off when checking in for room only. That's right, I didn't add it the last time either now that I think about it.

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    We are staying at Pop from 10/18 - 10/26 and have been able to personalize MB and schedule FP+ without doing online check-in.


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