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I think it may have started when they first started enforcing the end times (with a 15 minute grace period). I know it was going on back in January of this year.
That's correct - Prior to enforcement of FP return times, you could not get in 1 minute prior to the window. Since enforcement, you can get in up to 5 minutes prior and 15 minutes after (although if you are later than 15 mins you will still likely get in if you press them hard enough). I had 2 occasions where I was waiting for the window to activate and used the 5-minute early GP successfully both times. I did not test test the 15-min late GP because I was always able to return within the 60-min window.

One thing I did try: I learned (by watching via the wait times app) that Buzz had gone down for a short period of time. A bit later, when I pulled a FP for Buzz, I said to the CM, "Since this ride was down earlier, I can use this FP anytime after the return time, right?" He told me no - that the only people that could do that were the people that were issued FPs when the ride broke down. This was interesting to hear because, if the FPs look the same, I'm certain there is no way to tell who got the FPs because they were in line when the ride broke and who was getting the FPs at the same time outside the ride - unless the CMs were issuing special "anytime" FPs when the ride broke. I don't know. I've never been in that situation.