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Thread: Touring Plan Help - MK on Friday Sept 20th

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    Touring Plan Help - MK on Friday Sept 20th

    Need help with MK touring plan for Friday, Sept 20th. MK is Josh's most recommended park with an overall crowd level of 2. We have CRT ADR for 10:00am (right in the middle of prime touring, but best I could do), and Chef Mickey ADR for 6:45pm. Plan to arrive at RD and hit a couple rides before CRT, short break in park for snack around 2:00, leave around 6:15 for CM ADR. We will also be going back to MK on Sunday, Sept 22nd. Not recommended park but plan on touring RD until lunch, break at Poly pool, return to MK in evening for MSEP, Wishes, and EMH. So, don't need to hit everything on Friday, just the must dos that will be more crowded on Sunday. Self, DW, DS8 and DD6. SM, BTMRR, PP, Philharmagic, ETWB, Ariel Ride, Dumbo, Jasmine M&G, Tomorrowland Speedway, Buzz, POTC, Magic Carpets, HM all must dos on at least one of the two MK days.

    This is what I am thinking for Friday:
    9:00am RD Head for SM through Adventureland
    Ride SM and BTMRR
    Head towards CRT, pick up FP for PP on the way
    10:00-11:00 CRT
    Use FP to ride PP
    FP runner to pull FP for Ariel ride
    Ride PC Carousel and see Philharmagic
    Should be about noon and lunch break for most. Is this good time for ETWB and Dumbo while waiting for Ariel FP time?
    Use FP to ride Ariel
    Head to Tomorrowland and pull FP for Buzz or ride standby
    Ride Tomorrowland Speedway
    Hopefully around 2:30pm now - take break and have snack on Main Street
    Watch 3:00pm parade
    Head to Adventureland
    Jasmine M&G
    Ride Magic Carpets
    Ride PoTC
    Ride HM

    Is this doable before 6:00pm? This would cover just about all of our must dos for MK, and would make Sunday less stressful. Am I way too optimistic about crowd levels and lines on a crowd level 2 day? I also understand the park will get more crowded around 4:00pm due to MNSSHP ticket holders entering the park at that time. Any and all input and advice is appreciated.

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    I think things would have to go very perfectly for you to get Splash Mountain and BTMRR in before a 10:00 CRT. Splash is a long ride. Will you be contending with a stroller to park?

    The Speedway in the afternoon is yucky. Slow, hot, exhausty line. I'd maybe try to do PP and Speedway in the morning, then Buzz if there's time, and FPV Buzz if there isn't.

    I'm not the best at this. :-) My replies are most useful for bumping up threads for other responses.
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    I have to agree with ChristineOH.

    Splash and BTMRR will be easy enough to do after CRT with FP.

    At RD- I think you could do:

    Buzz, Speedway then either Peter or Ariel and FP the other to use after CRT.
    You could not pay me to be in Speedway line in the afternoon in Sept!

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    I thought I saw where thunder mountain will be closed for refurb during that time

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