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Thread: "Can't miss rides" at Epcot for preschool age boys?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merida View Post
    Epcot is so much fun with preschoolers and my son (3) said it was his favorite park and he also couldn't get enough of Spaceship Earth and Turtle Talk even though he was jealous that crush chose his sister (age 8) to talk to and not him. He is a die-hard Winnie the Pooh fan and interegated poor Tigger and Eeyore on Pooh's whereabouts because Pooh wasn't there - it was such a fun M&G area with few people around!

    We did everything on your list except for TT (due to refurb) and Soarin (didn't want to deal with rider swap and DS was 1/2" too short)
    Do you happen to remember your touring plan for Epcot (i.e. order of attractions)? Did you do it all in one day? Did your 3 year old nap while you were there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrstski View Post
    Do you happen to remember your touring plan for Epcot (i.e. order of attractions)? Did you do it all in one day? Did your 3 year old nap while you were there?
    Actually, I do, and it was last April :)

    I ended up having to scratch our touring plans and change our days around because my 3yo ended up getting sick. It turned out that we were in Epcot on a non-recommended day (a Tuesday) but it was very manageable and relaxing. And only my youngest napped but DS3 relaxed a bit in the stroller - he ended up getting sick in MK the day before and was still recovering :(

    We took it easy that morning, so didn't get there until 12:30. Oops, we didn't do character spot, sorry, due to our late arrival but would have since it was a part of my original plans.

    We started in Mexico and rode Gran Fiesta 2x since DS1 was sleeping so DH & I swapped and other kids rode twice
    Maelstrom and snack in Norway
    Walk around China
    Play drums at the outpost (lots of fun for preschoolers)
    Lunch in America (not my first choice, but figured food was "safe" for DS's weak tummy)
    Pick-a-pearl in Japan (kids enjoyed it)
    Shopped in UK and did Tigger & Eeyore M&G - Pooh must have been on a "potty break" :)
    Seas with Nemo
    Turtle talk with Crush
    Explored the aquariums for quite a while
    Space ship Earth x2 (DS1 sleeping again so we needed to swap) and the kids played around afterwards

    We then left at around 5/5:30 and it wasn't a very adventurous day, but we did what we wanted to and was enough to keep a sick 3yo and sleepy 1yo happy. There was so much more we could have done, but they don't know what they missed out on, and it still ranks as DS3's favorite park

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    My 2 and 4 year *love* Journey into Imagination. It's one of their all time favorites. My two year old son is still singing out "Imagination!" on an almost daily basis and we've been home from our last trip for a month and a half now. They also really enjoyed Living with the Land. And my DD especially loves all the music performances in the WS-- her favorite is Mo'Rockin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annie78 View Post
    Not a ride, but my 2.5 y/o loved the taiko drums in Japan and the Jammitors. And are the miniature trains in Germany only for F&W? Those were also a hit.
    The little trains & villages were there last week and I don't think F&W starts until next month. Not sure if it's year round or if they were just out early for that-I'd think that would be a little hard to pack up and set up each year though if it was just seasonally. Not that Disney has a problem w/ bringing things in and out each year I guess..

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    The trains were there in late January too. I think they must just leave them up all year.

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    They are year-round, and we love watching the lizards who hang out on the little houses, looking like Godzilla.

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